Writing and Creating music

When this band is composing or writing music, we don’t really think about what
qualities we are trying to create or what the qualities of a good song are.
When you start thinking and try to create a specific kind of music,
that’s when you’re going to get stuck.
We just work on musical ideas that are
interesting and inspiring at that time. Which could be anything.
I think we’re good composers/arrangers because we know how to
let the music take it’s course.

But as writer, I know you sometimes have to ask yourself
“Is this really good music?”

Fortunately, I think I have the sense to not take the songs I write personally,
or too seriously. They are songs that I enjoy and are fun to play. And mainly
that’s what they mean to me. I’m a fan of the music as well as the performer.
So I think we really do make good music.

Most of our songs seem to right itself. Almost like they’re already there,
presented in front of us. And all we have to do is make it into sound and
give it a voice so it can be heard. It’s a very enjoyable process.
It’s the magical and rather easy part.

But when it gets to rehearsing, performing the songs,
that’s where the struggling begins. It can get really confusing sometimes
whether you’re playing it right or not because it’s different every time you play.
We still continue to polish the songs, and that I think will go on forever.

So we HAVE to do this.
We don’t create music because we want to and love everything about it.
We create music and perform because we are given the opportunity to do so.
It’s a privilege, and we don’t take it for granted.
It’s not about talent or the four people who play it either.
It’s always about the music and the people who listen to it.
I don’t like practicing and rehearsing. It’s too much work.
I’m a real lazy dude. I’m not that kind of a musician who says
“Music is everything to me”.
But when a great musical idea falls from the sky and starts sounding
like a good song, you have to write it and practice it.
I hope you all understand what I’m trying to saying here.

I think everyone in my band  understands how it works.
And that’s one of the reasons we managed to stick together for a long time.

Well, thanks for taking the time to read this, and hope you can leave some comments.

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14 Responses to Writing and Creating music

  1. Diane Bianchi says:

    I love your music! It is so beautiful and I am so glad that you are sharing it with others. Thanks!

  2. Ken Suetsune says:

    Thank YOU Diane!The pleasure is ours.

  3. Alexander Recke says:

    Now that one is quite an interesting post, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.As for your probably most important question: "Is this really good music?", unfortunatle I think I have to evade. The reception of music is always a very subjective process and so I do not think anybody can say objectively if any music is good, or not. One can only say if one like a certain kind of music, or not. Regarding myself and Tradjaig – I think I would not be posting here, if I didn't like your music quite a lot. :) I also find it very interesting to see, how you describe how your music comes to pass. I had not considered it to happen this way, but then again I am no artist, except dabbling a bit in writing. I admire your talent to be so creative and able to create new music, which sounds as good. As a final note, I am quite impressed how serious you take your music and what is really important to you. I think your dedication to the music itself is audible in the songs you perform. So… keep up the great work! :)

  4. Ken Suetsune says:

    Thanks Alexander! Even though I really like the music we're creating, sometimes you need to be objective to what you do. For me, the music is only half way done until somebody makes a connection or some kind of a relationship with it. So I don't want it to be just for my personal satisfaction. But if you're liking our music as much as you say, I think we're doing all right.Thanks again for the comment, it's great to have you as a fan! And good luck on your writing!

  5. Dianna Andrews says:

    Thank you so much for a sharing your music. I've enjoyed listening very much. You have a style that's your own. Yes your doing alright, and the creation is heard. Music is hard work, I envy those in the field because it's a gift, teamwork, and creating something that will last forever. Your talent will not be forgotten. Music comes from the heart and the soul. This is an acronymn I wrote about M U S I C. I want to share it with you. I wrote it and dedicated to a friend of mine who debuted his first album in 2009, he's a valuable inspiration to me. M usic soothes the soul, as I listen to music letting music take me on a journey through the sound of a keyboard, each beat melts my heart. U nderstanding the creation of the artist byfeeling the beat, hearing the emotion of high and low notes, unlike any other artist. Each artist has their own unique talent to unleash to the world by directing the band who orchestrates to the audience the incredible sounds of instruments, voice and rhythm. S inging his or her heart out or playing a symphony is so gratifying, it makes me feel so alive to listen to the songs they perform, it holds such great memories for my life. Calming my sould to move ahead letting the words be said or the notes being played I acknowlege that I can relate and reciprocate.I ntellect and inspiration implement instrumental introduction and innovate important keynotes and harmony as well as melody to bring the music alive without intelligence the song could not be made. C oncerts need chorus and choreography, unison to bring the music to life, words meant from the heart, solos, background vocals, crowds listening as another album is being made to go along with the classics. Cheers become loud to encore for another song to be sung and played from that bands heart to be played over and over again to remind me just how much my greates love is for M U S I C. I'm not a professional, I only dream about doing what you do, you have the tools do what you do to keep creating the music that lingers in the air like the smell of coffee brewing in the morning. AWWWW Music is the essence of the world. Believe in your gift from God and use it for all the good to make you rich on the inside not on the outside, although it is necessary, but the greatest satisfaction is how your music makes you feel. Get on stage and look out to the crowd and give thanks it only takes one person to like your sound and it becomes a ripple effect. Everything in the world is a ripple effect. I appreciate nowadays that for the internet musicians who will take time to send a messagae to their fans, whether it was by them or a hired hand, it truly means alot because it has always been a dream to be friends with musicians and through the social networks and you tube I'm living that dream.Sincerely,Dianna Andrews(luv2singdidoes)

  6. Ken Suetsune says:

    Dianna,I really don't know what to say…so beautiful.All my appreciations to you for sharing this, and your kind words. Please stop by again. Thanks!

  7. bgbelgorock says:

    Hi Ken,I quite agree with the comments I've read about this post. It's really not easy to define 'good music'. As an artist your music can only be good if you believe in it, if it comes from your heart and soul. Don't try to write a specific kind of music because it is trendy, your audience will probably feel it.I still don't know what 'good music' is, I simply like it, that's all!

  8. Ken Suetsune says:

    Absolutely bgbelgorock! As I said, I like and enjoy playing our music, and from the way we create it, I think it's good. But for me it doesn't mean much unless other people enjoy it. I'm happy and grateful that you and many others are liking our music and have interests in our band. Thank you for posting!

  9. DebDavis says:

    Any music that moves you is good music and yours moves me. I find it soothing yet still interesting so I listen carefully to it. I am parcel to the flute and you don't often hear it so that is another reason I love your band's sound. And to prove I mean what I say I just ordered the cd from cdBaby – great company.Deb Davis

  10. Ken Suetsune says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words Deb. I'll be on the look out for that order!

  11. josep lluis says:

    Hi Kenyou say you'd like your music to reach the lonely people out there. It's a good target, but I would target all the people, lonely or not,who can put themselves in this sensitive state than can capture the beauty in all its forms.you ask if it is good music. I'm not so advanced musician to make a solid judgement. But let me tell you a couple of things.First of all, my classical guitar teacher told me there are two kinds of composers. The ones who make music for the pleasure of making music, for themselves, and really don't care about listeners or performers. Ana there are also the other kind, the ones who made music to please the audience. So maybe you should ask yourself this question :) You know about the quality of your music better than anybody, you are the creator of it! but you want tho read or hear otherpeople saying 'oh, yes it's good', or any other consideration.and probably, you would like to hear some criticism just to getthis feedback and try to do better. It's easier to say it's good,you're fantastic, keep that way…isn't it?Some say that a song, a book, a picture, a movie, whatever, is a masterpiece if it resists the proof of time. so you will have to waitand see how your songs deal with the pass of time. There are other things, like…are there other people out theresinging or performing covers of your songs? It would be also a measureof how good it.I'll show your music to some other friends just to see what then think, and I'll let you know. Keep on making music ;)

  12. Ken Suetsune says:

    Hi Josep,First of all thanks so much for taking the time to post and share your thoughts. Though I've tried to explain about how I approach the creative process and what I feel about the music, I really don't know what kind of a composer I am. There is a stage in the writing process where I do it to pleasure myself, but I care a lot about listeners and performance. I don't know if I should speak for the whole band, but ultimately the connection the music makes with the listener is most important to me, and is what I'm interested in. And like you say, I guess time will tell if it does any good or not. As for covers, just hearing someone humming or whistling one of our tunes would be great a thing. Thanks again! and please do let me know what your friends think. It'll be cool if you could ask them to drop by and post a comment here.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ken,Your music is "good music" to MY ears! Four of Hearts is beautifully done. I love to kick back and listen with my eyes closed…especially in the evenings.You mentioned in an email that you "like your music to reach the lonely people out there." I am one of those lonely people. Your music has been a welcome friend and a source of comfort to me, as silly as that may sound. I am thrilled that I happened upon your music several months ago! It is obvious how important the music is to you. I will look forward to more and more Tradjaig tunes! Thanks to all of you for sharing your amazing gifts. Peace.

  14. Ken Suetsune says:

    Hi Friend,It doesn't sound silly at all. In fact, nothing makes me happier to hear that Tradjaig's music is a friend and gives you comfort. "Four of Hearts" is yours forever, because you deserve it! And I'll promise to bring you a lot more. I'm currently doing some producing for another artist, but after that we'll get to work on our next album as soon as possible. Thank you so much for sharing this and for encouraging us!

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