News : November 20, 2012 – New Music Coming from Tradjaig Recordings!

Seven Seasons poster We’re excited to announce that we have some new music coming your way – but not Album Number 2 (not yet).
The songs for Tradjaig album No.2 are already written, and we’ll start recording in January 2013. (So please be patient.)

What we’d like you to know is that we’ve been working on some music that we felt we had to record and release, but were not sure how and when to do it. We didn’t want it to get confused with “the band Tradjaig”, but finally we decided not worry about it too much and let the music speak for itself.

So here it is – Written and Produced by Ken Suetsune, co-produced by Kazuhiro Matsuzaka and played by the female players from the band, joined by vocalist Takako Kobayashi and violinists Mika Hasegawa and Hiromi Yamada, this project is an album which features instrumental pieces (and of course some vocals). The Album is titled “Seven Seasons”, and will be released from our official online music store which should be ready and launched by the end of the year.

More info will be coming about this new release,
but for now, take a listen to the audio samples below.

We absolutely want to hear what you think about this.
Please leave a comment if you have something to share! (or just say hi!)


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12 Responses to News : November 20, 2012 – New Music Coming from Tradjaig Recordings!

  1. S.A.alagarsamy says:

    Iam 71 from India. i aman admirer of granddaughter isa piano player..i love this music is wonderful and so relaxing and mind mixing well
    Alagarsamy from India

  2. Rayyan says:

    Amazing, well done! I didn’t think this much thought would have to be done while releasing an album or just a few songs. Good job anyhow! :D

    • Ken Suetsune says:

      Hi Rayyan,
      Like I said on the blog post, we didn’t want to get this confused with our band. Glad you think it’s good. Thanks so much!

  3. George Elting says:

    Beautiful, moving music and I could listen to it all day! Thank you for the time you put into this music!

  4. Ivonne Velas says:

    Beautiful music, intellectual flavor! precious … love them all..

  5. Laikan says:


  6. Ml says:

    Outstanding. Well done.

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