How would you describe our style of music?

I’d like some feed back on how people would describe our music
to their friends, or what genre do you think our music would be?
Can you name some similar artists to describe our band?

First, if you haven’t gone through all the audio samples of our album,
and Youtube videos
of our live performances yet, please check them out

If you could help me out on this to understand some things
 and leave your comment, it would be much appreciated.
I’ll be looking forward to replying to them.

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14 Responses to How would you describe our style of music?

  1. Anonymous says:

    About your music… I think that i`s pop music for young people. Exsotic is on the first position in your composition. Congratulations! Yordan

  2. Ken Suetsune says:

    Thanks for posting Yordan!Referring to the elements of pop music, I believe our songs does have a traditional structure.What do kids listen to these days anyway?Let's hope that Tradjaig is "pop" enough for them.

  3. bgbelgorock says:

    I don't really think I can categorize your music.Pop without hype as we know in Europe, not necessary meant for young people. (xd).I's say the kinf of music you'd listen to just to relax

  4. Ken Suetsune says:

    Hey bgbelgorock! I guess categorizing Tradjaig is just as hard as defining pop music. But it helps to know what pops up in people's minds if they had to. Like when promoting or creating profiles you have to pick a few genres. Thanks for posting!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love your style :) It's very original, and unique. I wish there more bands out there like you! It's great to just listen during my down time.Keep Up the great work!~Sam

  6. Ken Suetsune says:

    Thank you so much Sam! Yes, music does help get through those times. We will do our best keep it going.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It's eclectic and I don't think u should try to put yourselves in a genre. It's relaxing and beautiful and uplifting. :)

  8. Brian says:

    Your music is a sophisticated refreshing blending of jazz rock and pop. It also has elements of rock music in the tradition of such luminaries as the Byrds.

  9. Ken Suetsune says:

    "Eclectic" "Relaxing" "Uplifting" may be good ones. Thanks for posting!

  10. Ken Suetsune says:

    Brian, Yes, I think using the word "blending" or "blend" is good way to describe. I am learning so much from everyone's comments.Thank you!

  11. josep lluis says:

    Hi Ken, I'm Josep from Mallorca. an artist that pops up in my head? may be peter gabriel, mainly your voice sounds like him. maybe bryan adams, or sting. sting is more jazzy.I would say it is pop-rock, a certain celtic air, that I think the flute brings.the music sounds melancholyc, calm, with nottoo many dynamic contrast, easy to listen.I would like to read the sheets to see a little bit more subtle details, the chord progressions,and stuff.anyway, I would not care that much about the tags or labels. They can limit your music by conditioning your minds !

  12. Ken Suetsune says:

    Hi Josep,Thank you so much for the feedback. You wouldn't believe how interesting and surprising it is to hear everyone's thoughts on what our music sounds like. It kinda proves that we don't know much about our listeners, but beginning to understand. Or it might be we don't understand much about our music, so there are no sheets, just "memos". I think I can use "pop-rock" as you mentioned. Plain and simple. Thanks again for posting, really appreciate it!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hello Ken!once again want to thank y. too much for the free mp3-!11111111well how to describe y. wonderful music?I can't help really and I wonder myself how- but it contains a sense of "Mike OLdfield&Jethro; Tull a.early "Simon&Garfunkel;" though played differently,it's like a conclusion of late60-a. early 70's music-very romantic-but having very dynamic elements which is rare- so cool that it's clinging up to modern pop music!111111111111so high up to y. a. the band best wishes for y. success!!1111111111fan/lil.gugudrun/reverbnation

  14. Ken Suetsune says:

    Hey Lil, Wow! All those great artists that came to your mind – didn't expect it but I like it! The late 60's-early70's was a great time in music and I'm honored. Thanks so much for sharing your insights. Much is appreciated!

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