Exclusive Video! – Words to say

Exclusive Video
This song will hopefully be on the next album.
The song is called “Words to say”.
Hope you like it!

The player below is locked, and requires a
facebook share of our page to view.
Just scroll over the player and you’ll get instructions
on how to unlock it. Takes a few seconds to load.



When you’re done watching, please leave a comment and tell us what you think!


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11 Responses to Exclusive Video! – Words to say

  1. Leonardo Hortmann says:

    Here it says the video is private, probably to my whole country. So, I’ve not been able to watch it.

  2. Luke Lahens says:

    Sounds really nice I love this song! very nice calm tune.

    • Tradjaig says:

      Hi Luke!
      Happy to hear you liked the song! I’m always curious about what the younger generation thinks about this kind of music. Hope to hear from you again.

  3. Duncan Milder says:

    Im glad that you would allow me to watch this. And I will start by saying that Im 16 and this is one of my favorite songs. Also keep up your wonderful work!!!!

    • Ken Suetsune says:

      Hi Duncan,
      That’s great to hear, and makes it all worth while. We’ll definitely keep it up. Thanks so much!


    hi guys
    i’ve been thinking about getting back to you much sooner,but i have been involved in a major move and have been doing a LOT of volunteering.
    anyway enough of that verbal diahrea.i just wanted to reitterate my cudos
    on your fantastic group.you fill my soul with peace and comfort. may god bless and keep you all safe and well. bye for now

    • Ken Suetsune says:

      Hi John,
      Very nice of you to drop by. Thanks for taking the time and for the kind words.
      Hope to talk again.


    ps feel free to e-mail me any time
    keep those sweet sounds flowing!!!

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