Exclusive Audio Clip! – Ken Suetsune Performs “Someone Will Break A Heart”

Ken talks about and plays “Someone will break a heart”.

To listen, click the play button below. The player is locked, but as soon as you scroll over it you’ll get instructions on how to unlock it. Takes a few seconds to load.



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9 Responses to Exclusive Audio Clip! – Ken Suetsune Performs “Someone Will Break A Heart”

  1. Yordan says:

    Yes, your song is good!

  2. Amanda Barbosa says:

    I love songs that talk about love ..
    I really loved this song
    Congratulations to you all

  3. 357pm says:

    This is my favorite song from your album. The intro is like something you never heard before. GO CONQUER THE WORLD MAN! You guys are awesome!

  4. Toni Taylor-Helser says:

    Hey Ken,
    Such a beautiful gift your band is to this world.
    I have as I mentioned to you a real love for music that takes me somewhere else.
    Yours does. Guitar strings are the tones my soul responds to. Then add the willow sound of the flute and I am removed immediately from any unwanted energy and put into a place of calm & peace.
    That’s magic my friend. pure magic!

    Abundant Blessings my friend ~

    • Ken Suetsune says:

      Hi Toni,
      Appreciate the comment. Glad the “magic spell” is working on you.
      Thanks so much for being such a great listener and music lover!

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