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Singing Bass Player

Playing the bass is one of the most enjoyable things in my life. Singing is one of the hardest…And sometimes even painful.   TweetShare on Tumblr

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Answering questions : Part 5

(Questions by Alexander Recke) You can find Alexander on Facebook. (Answers by Ken Suetsune) Q: Another point of interest would be your name, “Tradjaig”.  As far as I can tell from my knowledge of Japanese,  it cannot be a native Japanese … Continue reading

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Rain – a song from the album “Four of Hearts”

You haven’t heard this song until you’ve heard the album version of it! On the album version you will hear more percussion, the flute playing harmony, and more voices. I play a real cool bass on it too. Check it … Continue reading

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Writing and Creating music

When this band is composing or writing music, we don’t really think about what qualities we are trying to create or what the qualities of a good song are. When you start thinking and try to create a specific kind of … Continue reading

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How would you describe our style of music?

I’d like some feed back on how people would describe our music to their friends, or what genre do you think our music would be? Can you name some similar artists to describe our band? First, if you haven’t gone through … Continue reading

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